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                 Historic Jaguar experts Holland.

Zwakman Motors is a independent dutch jaguar company founded by Tom Zwakman.
Tom grew up at the bmc / jaguar garage of his father with many fast cars around and learned the skills at early age.
Seeing old cars going to scrapyards and in particulair the jaguars he loved was painful so by mid seventies he started a classic jaguar garage to preserve the good examples and restore the pour ones.
He always wanted a perfect work standard but had to little hours in the day for that so he decided to focus and continue at only the mechanical technique side of the cars and use the service of the best available specialists for the body & interior work.
In 1984 he opened Zwakman Motors, a new company and set-up for only engine & mechanical overhaul of historic jaguars and became worlds first specialist in his field. 
In a few years time the leadership of the company will be succeeded by his good friend Edwin who is a lot younger as Tom and already over a decade trained for the job and nearly ready to take over, however this will not change the character of company as Tom will stay active at the workfloors and advising the company.
Zwakman Motors has invested more than anybody else to keep historic jaguars alive and will continue this way also in the future.

In addition Tom sells rare historic jaguars of exceptional quality and has always better cars available than anybody else at the open market can offer you because he bought many decades ago the very best available cars and sold these to his home customers who one day will sell again and always given him first choice, also there are often some unique one-off fabricated fast road cars available. 

A company born & built by real passion.
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1962 Tom's father at his garage with XKC 019
Jaguar overhaul & maintenance
            Superior quality since 1984.

Our program : overhaul & restoration & fast road preparation of all engines / gearboxes / front axles / rear axles / diffs / steering boxes of jaguars built between 1932 and 1975 plus maintenance service from SS90 to XJ220.

Fabrication of unobtainable engine parts manufactured to the highest precision standard and made of modern materials by modern machinery to increase performance and life duration.

Performance uprates of engine power / gearbox capabilities / brakes capacity / suspension working / life time.

Fabrication of super fast road cars and alteration of standard road cars to super fast road cars. 

We have separate workshops for classic car service / competiton car service / machine work / unit assemble / dismantle & cleaning engines & gearboxes & diffs & axles.

We have all ZME products in quantities at the shelf and also we have an unrepeatable amount of original parts in stock as we invested in these right from the beginning years until today. 

Our prices are not competitive because our quality is second to none, we are not just selling hours, our first aim is to deliver our customers the best possible quality. 

Warrantee two years on work & parts / Hourly rate €150.00 excl dutch vat / Global transportation available.
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130 mph Jaguar SS90