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            JAGUAR SALES & SERVICE SINCE 1984.

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ZME Structure

ZME ( Zwakman Motors Europe ) was founded in January 1984 by Tom Zwakman.

Specialized in drive train overhaul & tuning of Jaguar models between 1931 and 1971.

30.000 square feet of workfloors for machining > overhaul > restoration and storage.

Experienced technicians plus a eminent technical archive plus a prominent parts stock.

ZME Sales is trading in masterpieces of historic and classic Jaguar sports cars.

ZME Supplies Sales & Service since 1984 for cars of finest collections on earth.
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ZME  Technique

For Jaguar SS CARS  /  XK120 up to 150  /  XKC  /  XKD  /  XKE S1 up to S3  /  LWE.

Rebuild of engines > gearboxes > differentials > front & rear axles > steering > brakes.

In house expertise and equipment to carry-out all running gear overhaul and restoration. 

Fabrication of unobtainable parts and often re-designed to obtain the best performance.

Parts made of modern materials to avoid all problems of the original outdated materials. 

33 years experiance in overhaul & development of old Jaguar technique to modern level. 
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ZME  Projects 

Right from the beginning we build fast road 3.8 & V12 E-types in Roadster and Coupe and in steel or full alluminium.

All being based at the original technics but redesigned by ZME and uprated to maximum 600 BHP versions with topspeeds far above 200 MPH.

The picture besde shows our E-type V12 roadster short wheel base with full alloy body and 6.0 litre ZME engine.

Build times approximately 2 years of order.
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ZME  The Dutch Jaguar Museum

The museum was formed by Tom and an early customer of him who are both Jaguar lovers with a dream and together they have created worlds most unique & complete Jaguar collection.
The collection consists of the early Standard Swallow cars to the Jaguar SS100 cars and a fantastic selection post war Jaguars and also a number of earliest remaining cars of type & chassis number one cars & unique one-off cars & prototypes.
Its the only museum in the entire world with such wide range of the 1930 JAGUAR SS cars.

More pictures will follow over the winter time.
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